uPoznan Election 2017

Be a uPoznan Executive and make sure that the students' interests are well served at the Poznan University of Economics and Business. 

Last year, Center for Studies in English established uPoznan to oversee our English students’ interests. Now it is our (PUEB students) time to manage the organisation for our own interests. 

The interested ones are requested to nominate her/himself for one of the following EXECUTIVE positions -

1) President

2) Secretary

3) Welfare Executive

4) Event Executive

5) Media Executive

6) Finance Executive

7) PR Executive


The elected Executives shall be the uPoznan’s Board Members. They constitute in equal standing means all of them shall have equal right and power. The presidential candidate who receives the second highest votes from the election shall be elected as the Vice-President. To see the executive responsibilities, please follow the link:


Important Date

Submitting Nomination: May 26, 2017 (latest)

Withdrawing Nomination: Until 12:00 PM, May 29, 2017

Vote Collection: May 30, 2017

To submit your nomination, please send the following details along with a photo (for developing your candidate profile to Poznan Secretary. Email:

1. Your Name:

2. Your Study Programme and Year:

3. Executive Position Applied for:

4. Your Contact Email:

5. Your Phone Number:

Please write ‘uPoznan Election 2017’ as the Email Subject and also include,

I permit uPoznan to use my Photo and Personal Details (except email ID and phone number) for promoting the uPoznan Election 2017 wherever appropriate”.


Important Information

1. Candidates for the Executive positions shall be a full-time student enrolled with one of the programmes offered in English at the Poznan University of Economics and Business;

2. A secret ballot shall be used for the uPoznan Election 2017;

3. Election of the Executives shall require a simple majority of the Voting Members (50%+1) present at the general election meetings;

4. Vote should be counted under the supervision of CENTER FOR STUDIES IN ENGLISH Department Head or his/her authorized representative;

5. The term of the office shall be as per the academic year of Poznan University of Economics and Business;

6. Newly elected executives shall assume the office at the beginning of the following semester but will begin performing an advisory role to the outgoing Board members immediately after their election.


GOOD LUCK with the uPoznan Election 2017!